Our university offers a variety of courses and opportunities. Choose your own and enjoy!

We offer world-class education on science, engineering and related fields. Our courses span a wide range of topics including biotechnology, chemistry, physics and math.
Our School of Humanities & Law offers most of the known courses in humanities, social sciences and law. We provide you with courses that equip you with skills to help you pursue your career objectives better.

Our School of Humanities & Law is one of the most prominent centers for studies in humanities and law in the world. Our education is designed to provide you with the knowledge and competencies necessary for your professional life. We offer a wide range of courses, from undergraduate degrees all the way up through postgraduate master's degrees

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The courses, which you'll take here will equip you with everything needed to pursue a successful career in your chosen field.

Our School of Business and Economics offers most of the known courses in business, which includes accounting, finance, marketing and management.

You can enroll in either Bachelor's or Master's degree programme. The curriculum is designed to equip students with comprehensive skills, competencies and intellectual abilities needed for both entry level jobs in their selected career paths as well as ongoing professional development through lifelong learning

About NUST

NUST is a leader in providing high-quality education and employment services to the nations of Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei, and Vietnam. NUST University is an independent university under the direction of its Board of Trustees who are government ministers responsible for education and research in their respective countries. Our university is a place where you can learn and then make your mark on the world.

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