The Academic Council recommends the academic policy of the university and determines the curricula that can help achieve quality higher education of IBAIS University. The Council is currently composed of the following academics and professionals:

Prof. Abdul Alim Shohan
Vice Chancellor and Treasurer (Officiating)

Alvi Chowdhury (Russell)
Chairman, Board of Trustees
(Syndicate Nominee)

Tushar Siddik
Vice-Chairman, Board of Trustees
(BOT Nominee)

Arman Chowdhury
Advisor, IBAIS University
(BOT Nominee)

Afifa Hossain Zabin
Member, Board of Trustees
(Syndicate Nominee)


Professor Razia Sultana
(Advisor, IBAIS University
(BOT Nominee)

Professor Dr. Shopon Kumar
Dean, Faculty of Humanities & Law

Professor Dr. Tahiya Khan
Director, Center for Training & Research

Dr. SM Tanveer Hossen
(Head, Dept. of Business Administration, IBAISU)

Dr. Md. Lakey Akter
Head, Dept of Computer Science & Engineering

Ms. Tahmina Tabassum
Head, Dept. of English

Mr. Md. Nayem Chowdhury
Coordinator, Dept. of Electrical & Electronic Engineering

Ms. Tasnima Rahman
Coordinator, Dept. of Law

Mr. Rashad Khan